Diego Winburn is a profesional mentalist, hypnotist and illusionist. He studied at the Chavez Studio of Magic in Hollywood, California. An institution with more than 60 years of prestige where many of the world’s greatest magicians have trained.


He is a member of the most exclusive magic club in the world; The Academy of Magical Arts, also known as The Magic Castle where only the best shows related to illusionism are presented.


Always looking to go forward, he arrived in London, England. Where he specialized and was certified in hipnosis by the great Anthony Jacquin, one of the most renowned and respected hypnotists in the world.


Once established in Mexico he has been sought out to perform at some of the country’s best venues, like the Auditorio Nacional, Arena Monterrey and Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara. He has also collaborated with renowned brands like National Geographic and Red Bull TV. Having been lucky enough to perform in front of a wide variety of people, companies and at different events.


Diego Winburn has been attracting the attention of the public in the last few years through the art of magic and mentalism, he transforms an ordinary moment in an extraordinary one. His intense passion for the practice has driven him to dedicate himself to create those magical instances and interact with the people who witness them. He has been taught and influenced by the great masters of modern magic and classical magic as well.


Diego’s focus is to create a moment of astonishment and happiness in people’s life. An instant where the mind is left blank, you let go of your worries and you can enjoy yourself like you did when you were a child.


His magic is very interactive. His focus during his presentations (which range from audiences of thousands of people to one person) is to make everybody feel magic: through up-close magic that happens in the mind and eyes of the spectator, with mentalism (a branch of magic that uses the mind as it’s vehicle), thanks to powerful illusions and finally with the powerful tool that is hipnosis.